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Here are a few other items I’ve deployed here

These are all old & unmaintained little toy projects I’ve knocked up when I’ve been looking into something or other, i.e. don’t expect any polish, bells or whistles.

Budget Planner

Last updated on 1 Jul 2019. I was looking into Travis CI, i18next, & chart.js UI was a rough clone of ASCI’s Money Smart Budget Planner, or it was at the time of writing. Source repo. Live on pages.

Jigsaw puzzle

Last updated on 22 Mar 2021. Pure JS, messing around with the canvas object, killing time in one of the covid-19 lockdowns. Source repo. Live on pages.

Autodesk HIG Icon Viewing tool

Last updated on 30 Jun 2020. Toy tool I put together to help team mates visualise and select form corporate iconography. Autodesk is a former employer of mine. Source repo. Live on pages.